MDCA History

In 1975, a group of art-loving citizens held the first Mount Dora Arts Festival. It was a small event, but it was a big success. It was decided to have an Arts Festival every year.

In 1984, many of these same citizens of Mount Dora banded together to form the Mount Dora Cultural Council. It was their goal to celebrate the arts in Mount Dora, as well as further promote and improve the quality of the Arts Festival. Staffed by volunteers and funded through membership dues and private contributions, the Cultural Council began to grow.

In 1985, The Cultural Council moved into 138 East 5th Avenue. As time went by, more and more people joined the Cultural Council, and in 1986, the Board of Trustees resolved to change the name to Mount Dora Center for the Arts. The Mount Dora Center for the Arts has provided quality art experiences in the Lake County region of Central Florida ever since.

Mount Dora Center for the Arts is a community oriented 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering an understanding and appreciation of art and culture through exhibitions, arts education programs and being host to the annual Mount Dora Arts Festival.

The Center maintains a year-round calendar of arts-related events and activities and serves the community by providing changing exhibits of original art, arts education programs, classes, seminars and lectures.

MDCA continues to produce the Mount Dora Arts Festival, Mount Dora’s signature event, which hosts 285 artists and draws 285,000 people.

In 1995, with a 30% down payment and owner-financed mortgage, the MDCA Board of Trustees purchased the building where the Arts Center had been located for thirteen years. MDCA has continued to serve the community by creating and supporting activities to promote the arts in our community.

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